Old Soles

Old Soles

Crawl, teeter, totter, wobble, stand, falter, stagger, waddle, walk, run.

We’ve got special individual features in each shoe range for each different stage of your young one’s journey.

You’ll find our developmental knowledge and attention to well-crafted detail in:

Pre and First Walkers, Toddlers and Kids.


Pre and First Walkers

From birth through the first year of life or so, babies’ feet are quite different from adult feet. They are wider and fatter, while their bones are undeveloped.

Soft, pliable shoes protect their fragile feet and give them unrestricted movement as they learn to sit up and crawl.



When little ones learn to walk, their feet are still developing, their foot arch and Achilles tendon are not yet defined and their foot muscles still need to develop.

We design our toddler shoes to accommodate this crucial stage of the foots development they have a rounded toe, are flexible and have a flat sole and heel support.



All kids develop differently – and their feet do too. A thinned out, stronger foot needs a shoe that’s a comfortable size with support in all the right places, as walking develops into running, jumping, kicking and climbing.

There’s also the matter of taste – some kids prefer a less structured shoe like a sandal, while others prefer firmer footwear – so Old Soles caters to both.