Handwritten Digitized Embroidery

The perfect way to save those sweet hand written notes or signatures. We will digitize (make the hand writing into a embroidery file) the exact writing and embroidery on to your choice of a handkerchief, tea towel, pillow or even a shirt.


All items are provided by Pink Pelican. We will not be accepting items to be embroidered on at this time. These are limited, once they are sold out we will complete the orders and open for another round.


Please email all images to Pink Pelican, shoppinkpelican@gmail.com. You MUST include your order number and name on the order. Images are to be received within 3 weeks of purchase or you will forfeit your spot.


These will ship in 6-8 weeks depending on when the image of the handwriting arrives.


Example. You want 6 of the same hand written tea towels. Buy ONE the $35 listing to have the hand writing digitized (to be made into a embroidery design), then buy 5 of the $22 listing to have a total of 6 of the SAME hand writing tea towels.